this show is a work of art


I forgot how great it feels to be me!


I forgot how great it feels to be me!


Enjoy. :)



I got a haircut

sound of ducks in the distance


new aesthetic: halloweenpunk

  • costumes
  • the faint smell of candy in the air
  • spooky lawn decorations
  • graveyards
  • fog machines
  • orange/purple/black color scheme
  • jack o lanterns
  • monsters and other various creatures of the night
  • fake blood
  • skeleton gifs
  • music ranging from ghostbusters to monster mash to thriller

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sup, I’m back from my involuntary hiatus. What up.

Anyway, so I’ve gotten in touch with my older half-brother after nearly a whole life of no contact. I haven’t seen him since I was tiny, but he’s in a band and has some official music videos that I watch. And it’s kind of weird talking to him, because he’s my brother but also… A stranger?

He has a very pretty girlfriend and he’s grown a beard.

It is super weird, I kind of have this memory of him as a skinny tween


Some OCs

There’s no story attatched to them yet, but I think they just go on standard fantasy adventures, some less willingly than others.

From top to bottom there’s Ekka the Imp, Nok the Goblin, Lün Ebonhue the Changeling, Nievbi Bloodtounge the Fiend (but with a typo, whoops), and Rivulette the Water Sprite (not her real name, but EEEEE*click click* doesn’t sound as good to humans).

Nievbi is sitting on an invisible chair and Rivulette is leaning on an invisible counter

Random Person:SHORTY!
Edward Elric:
Edward Elric:
Random Person:
Edward Elric:I came out here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.


Asexual, Agender and Aromantic flag ribbons for ur blog! 

still versions (hover for meanings):

asexual - doesnt experience sexual attraction/sex repulsed or doesnt like sexual contact

Agender - nonbinary/without gender/genderless

Aromantic - not experiencing romantic attraction/only interested in platonic or sexual relationships